Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Individuals in search for quality newborn baby gifts, especially when the shower or christening coincides with a special occasion (which makes it a merrier time for giving presents), can be fun to choose. Beyond offering the traditional stuff, leading stores and online retailers come out with special gift packs designed to appeal to even the most fastidious shoppers.

The mom-to-be’s personality and inclinations, like if she likes all things eco-friendly, can give people a clue on the most suitable presents to bring. A good example is a pack of hypoallergenic chlorine-free diapers formulated with materials derived from sustainable forests. Organic baby gifts like 100 percent natural lotion and oil are not likely to irritate an infant’s skin, making them suitable gifts. The least that new parents would want is to receive presents with traces of toxic chemicals in them. Natural is the way to go, especially when it comes to choosing presents for infants.

Some parents also appreciate receiving items that can be handed down to the next child, like for example, sterling silver spoon & fork or a special blanket and crib. High quality strollers or baby car seats are also no-fail baby gift ideas worth considering.

Nice presents for girls, apart from dresses and pairs of shoes, may be a personalized plate (with the baby’s name on it) or heirloom quality trinkets or jewelry pieces like bracelet, earrings & cross pendant necklace. Take your pick from a durable assortment of personalized rocking chairs for tots, or choose from a wide selection of kiddie beds with beddings that have beautiful gender-specific patterns and designs.

Cool presents for little boys run the gamut from rompers and tees, to  shorts & comfy socks, to mini cars, walker-cum-wagon, stacking blocks that offer endless construction possibilities, to creatively fashioned items like storybook pillows. There are also modern educational tools like a kiddie laptop that makes lots of sounds, or choose from short & fun storybooks to foster a bond between mother and child (for toddlers, though, soft waterproof books that can get wet and can be used even during bath time may be suitable).

Nice and unique items for infants and toddlers can be found everywhere. If you choose stores noted for their quality product offerings, or which consider the child’s best interests (like using non-toxic materials), you are conveying to the parents of the child that you took the time to really search for special newborn baby gifts.

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