Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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When exploring baby gift ideas or welcome home presents for a new mom, lots of cute and colorful options may come to mind. You can give a warm and fuzzy welcome with adorable personalized bootie and blanket sets or cozy cotton outfits personalized with the child’s initials.

Little treasures that can spark creativity of tots or help rock a tot to sleep will also delight. When browsing online stores specializing in one-of-a-kind newborn paraphernalia, you’ll stumble into delightful presents that are not too common. For instance, a snow globe with whirling glitters with a silver-plated rocking horse design may become the focal point of attention in the nursery room. Such presents can even be personalized by the online retailer by adding the kid’s engraved name and birth date on the base.

Other newborn baby gifts that will surely mesmerize tykes who are just beginning to see are play things like a crib toy that’ll withstand biting, squeezing, or being thrown in the near future. Budget gifts for mom to bring along to a shower likewise abound online. Cute, glittery and soft clips for a tyke’s fine hair can be appreciated and used sooner or later (if not by the tot, then by mommy).

To preserve mementos, a personalized book where the child’s parents can record precious memories or `firsts’ in the early stages of their bundle of joy’s life will be nice. Other cool presents that can be personalized are a pillow with a kiddie design, a baby chair embroidered with a cartoon character like Cat in the Hat and the child’s name, an infant hat, towel, or diaper bag.

Fashionable moms may be delighted to get stylish baby gifts for girls like hot pink & lime infant shoes with suede soles. Practical presents with a design twist are your safest bets.

Opt for organic baby gifts like a hooded towel, or look for creatively bundled presents online. You can get, for instance, a tasteful-looking cotton canvas bag filled with micro fleece blanket, stuffed toy, rattle, and a photo frame. Just allot ample time and add a few bucks if you’re ordering online for personalization.

Indeed, you can find many interesting presents for boys& girls to tote along to a shower or christening. You can choose clothes and toys that the child can grow up with, or feeding /eating items, or bath accessories like an infant tub or bath seat, plus lots of other baby gift ideas that are not run-of-the-mill.


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