Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Sweet Gestures, Edible Baby Gift Ideas

Posted on: August 2, 2012

Attending a baby shower and not just wondering about new baby gifts but also preparing yummy party favors that everyone will have a blast eating? A great way to choose presents without any stress is to shop online. If you’re looking for edible treats to give the party attendees, though, you need to consider the time element so they remain fresh even after the guests are ready to go home.

Come to think about it, if you do check online sites, edible gift ideas and treats galore! Some specialty stores will even gladly personalize the edible party favors you order if you so desire. As for the baby shower gifts for mom you also want to buy, keep in mind that she may get plenty of the standard stuff (infant clothes, diaper rash ointment & other infant skin care products, bottles, pacifiers, and so on), so think of something a mom-to-be may really want. Focusing on the mom’s needs makes a whole lot of sense, since the child won’t be grasping the concept of “gifts” months after birth. Hence, something to help the new mom put her child to sleep like a soothing musical toy, or organic baby gifts like beddings will be useful.

A little resourcefulness may be all you need to have to get hold of unique and pretty presents and edible shower favors. A nice welcome home present for a new mother is a fruit or gourmet food basket with cheese, crackers, almonds, truffles, natural fruit preserves, and other healthy & tasty treats. An edible bouquet consisting of a dozen long-stemmed chocolate buds is also a sweet gesture. For party guests, choco cake pops dipped in blue or light pink and white polka dots can look cute and enticing to eat. They go great with lovely presents for the new mother.

Delicious pastries like mini cakes and cookies individually wrapped in clear packaging and tied with a colored (or silver) ribbon can be highly suitable baby shower favors.

If you’ve been invited to a christening and the infant has become a toddler, there are even more inspiring gift ideas that may catch your attention online. All-natural gifts like a fun pack consisting of a baby shampoo and body wash, with toy rubber duck and a soft towel can delightfully accompany the baby during bath time. Store-bought or online purchases of new baby gifts, especially if you choose sellers noted for their quality items and good customer service, are also good ideas.

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